Boob Tape by Francesca


Boob tape by Francesca can be worn under any top to lift and support the chest without having to wear a bra. It sticks to the skin on one side and is a soft stretchy fabric on the other side. Each box contains 5 metres of tape which is approx. 3-8 wears depending on your cup size and application style. Once used, the tape cannot be re-used.

Available in various shades.

Measurements 5cm x 5m

We highly recommend that you wear nipple covers with this tape and we also recommend you to use Boob Tape Removal Oil when removing the tape.

Do not use this product if you have sensitive, damaged or sunburnt skin. 



Boob Tape by Francesca has become a revolution for ladies across the world, allowing for women to wear the outfits they’ve always wanted to.

Developed in London, the collection began with a series of coloured tapes and has since expanded to include a double-sided Clear Tape and single-sided Clear Tapes, as well as nipple covers to match!

This luxurious brand is establishing some amazing partnerships with fashion and lifestyle brands, all of which are in line with Francesca’s own personal style and standards.

‘How To’ videos of how to use the tape can be found on their social media (@boobtape_byfrancesca) and video for application techniques can be provided there, if you need. Take care when removing from the skin, peel off slowly and do not rip. We also highly recommend that you wear nipple covers whenever using Boob Tape.

Packaging is 100% Recyclable



Additional information


Chocolate, Pale, Tan


95% Cotton 5% Medical Grade Glue

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