How to Find the Right Bra Size & Bra Style for a Fuller Bust?

How to Find the Right Bra Size &

Bra Style for a Fuller Bust?

Every fuller-bust woman knows that the key to confidence and comfort lies in finding the perfect bra size and bra style. But with a fuller bust, this quest can often feel like a daunting challenge.

Ill-fitting bras can lead to discomfort, self-consciousness, and even health issues. In this blog post, we’re here to empower you with knowledge and guidance on finding the ideal bra size and style to embrace and enhance your beautiful curves.

Measuring for Fuller Busts: The Fundamental Steps

The journey to a comfortable, well-fitting bra begins with accurate measurements. Fuller-busted women often face unique sizing challenges, so follow these steps for precision. All you need is a soft tape measure to obtain two measurements in inches to find your bra size.

Wear an unlined, non-padded bra.

Measure around the top of the rib cage, taking a firm measurement from the side position.

If this is an even number, this is the back size. If it is an odd number, round up to the bigger, even size.

For example, 37 will become a 38 back.

Measure over the bust. The tape needs to sit flat over the breast, not pulled tightly.

Ideally you’d want to be wearing a non padded bra, as padding will create extra volume to the breasts and provide an inaccurate measurement.

In this scenario, the measurement is 43.

To get the cup size, take the two measurements from the previous steps and calculate the difference between the two numbers.

For example, as per this scenario, 43 minus 38 equals 5. Using the chart below, you can now work out your cup size. In this scenario the bra size would be 38DD.

These measurements will serve as your foundation for bra shopping.

Three Points Of Fit:

Click here to watch a bra fitting video tutorial by Fantasie.

Sister Sizing:

Sister Sizes are alternative bra sizes to your current bra size where the cup volume stays the same even though the band size and cup letter change.

fuller bust sister sizing

Seek Professional Fittings:

While self-measurement is a great start, a visit to a lingerie store for a professional fitting can make all the difference. Knowledgeable fitters can help you explore bra styles and sizes that align perfectly with your body’s unique contours and preferences. As your body changes constantly it is important to get measured professionally quite regularly.  Not all bras within the same size will fit the same way, professional fitters, using their expertise, will encourage you to experiment with various brands and styles.

Our Favourite Bra Styles For Fuller Busts:

Building up a small collection of everyday bra styles that are comfy and reliable will make your life so much easier. Full bust shapes require greater support from a bra so we have done our research and based on our own experiences, we have put together a list of our most reliable styles that we think you will love too. You can now also purchase these styles in our online shop. It was our long time dream to offer our Fairlie Curved girls a selection of affordable, comfortable, everyday bras that they can easily rotate, with all outfits, every single day.

a. Full-Cup Bras: These bras minimize spillage, offer superior comfort, and provide a beautifully contoured shape for everyday wear. Fuller cup bras which feature three or four section cups offer greater capacity and shape. The extra side support panel creates forward projection for a great shape.

b. Plunge Bras: When you want to flaunt a plunging neckline without sacrificing support, plunge bras are your best friend. They provide a deep front design while maintaining the uplift you need.

c. T-shirt Balcony Bras: Their moulded cups offer a seamless and smooth look under any clothing. Look for wider straps to ensure additional support and comfort.

d. Strapless Balcony Bras: A Strapless Bra is a real solutions must-have! Not only are they ideal to wear with clothes that require bare shoulders, but with multiple strap variations you can cater to whatever outfit you’re wearing. Moulded styles offer a firmer support and enhanced shape perfect for fuller bust girls.


For fuller-busted women, the journey to finding the perfect bra size and style may require patience and persistence. Embrace your curves, and invest in bras that empower you to feel your absolute best. Your body is unique, and with determination, you’ll discover bras that celebrate your natural beauty while providing the support and comfort you deserve. Stand tall and embrace your fuller bust with confidence!



1. Smoothing Seamless Balcony Bra by Fantasie

  • Shape and support under any outfit
  • Seamless cups provide a completely smooth and seam-free look
  • Central pull through straps prevents hem from slipping from shoulder
  • The perfect every day bra if you are a G cup or below.

2. Fusion Full Cup

Side Support Bra by Fantasie

  • Wide wired for additional comfort and support
  • Three piece cup with side support for great uplift and forward projection
  • Opaque power wing for anchorage and support
  • Side support with fuller coverage in cup and underarm
  • Concealed seams in inner cup with seamless bottom cup for smooth silhouette under clothing
  • The most comfortable bra we’ve found for a GG to HH cup.

3. Fusion Lace Full Cup

Side Support Bra by Fantasie

  • Wide wired for additional comfort and support
  • Three piece cup with side support for great uplift and forward projection
  • Side support with fuller coverage in cup and underarm
  • Top cup has an elasticated edge for ease of fit at neckline
  • Tow back to give central pull through the straps and to prevent strap slippage
  • Features a beautiful delicate, flat lace
  • The same fit and comfort as the Fusion, but with lace.

£36.00Select options

LAce Fusion Bra
Elomi Bra

4. Matilda Full Cup

Plunge Bra by Elomi

  • Low centre front gives plunge without push up
  • Three section cup plus side support panel for forward shape, uplift and separation
  • Elasticated neck edge for ease of fit
  • Flexible back sweep construction allows easier adjustment to racer back with moveable J Hook
  • Features beautiful delicate, flat lace
  • Elomi is a the perfect bra brand for fuller bust, fuller figure silhouettes.
  • This is the most comfortable, supportive, and sexy, bra for GG to JJ cups

5. Smoothing Seamless

Strapless Bra by Fantasie

  • Moulded cups for a smooth rounded profile
  • Detachable straps with a multi positional fixtures
  • Stay4Sure elastic reduces slippage
  • Unique cup design offering forward projection and a supportive fit
  • Generous sizing in the cup.

It was our long-time dream to offer our Fairlie Curved girls a selection of affordable everyday bras that they can rely on and be comfortable in. Our bra selection might be limited, but if we’re honest, when we find a comfortable bra that works for our shape, we wear it time and time again and just rotate the colours, so rather than offer you a huge range, we wanted to just offer the bras we truly believe are the very best and most comfortable for us busty blessed ladies. We are a small fuller bust clothing brand that specialises in solving fuller bust clothing problems, but at the core of a fabulous fuller bust outfit, is a well fitting bra, that makes you and your boobs, look and feel fabulous.

We have been wearing and recommending these Fantasie bras on our styling page since day one, so it is an absolute honour to be approved as a Fantasie and Elomi stockist.  (Elomi is owned by the same company as Fantasie, but specialises in fuller bust, fuller figure bras).  So we are so happy that we can finally offer their best selling, fuller bust bra styles in our collection.  We’re also thrilled that Fantasie is another UK business and with almost 100 years experience, we know we’re recommending the very best fuller bust bras we can.

Many of you know, we are a small, start up, Scottish based business, who has grown extremely quickly over the last 3 years, so please be patient with us as we navigate and add this new product category to our range.  We have purposely launched with a very limited size range until we gain the knowledge we need in the lingerie market.  Our plan is to expand the range and offer more sizes as soon as we have some sales history and truly understand our customers’ needs. We are so grateful for your questionnaire answers that really helped us make all of this happen!

At Fairlie Curved, we celebrate the beauty of fuller bust and curvy women and offer a wide range of stylish clothing designed specifically for big busts. Check out our collection today, hopefully the new addition of our bra range, will help you shop for your fuller bust wardrobe with ease!


Big Boob Love,

Jayne & FC Team x