Fairlie Curved Is All Over The News!

We are really thrilled last month to see that Fairlie Curved had received so much press coverage…. Then we checked our bank balance as the focus on turnover didn’t seem to add up.


It really made us question everything and take a long look at this small clothing brand we’ve build for curvy girls.


It’s right we started with just £500, a wing, a prayer and a very old dream, and although we have hit the £250k mark for total turnover so far – which is incredible – we certainly don’t have that in the bank…. We wish we did! So instead of investigating whether or not we’d been robbed, (it did actually cross our minds), we started to look at all the things that turnover has helped us achieve for the brand, and we were actually pretty proud.

– Move to a lovely bigger office that can hold more stock and enable our local ladies to pop in and try on.

– Decorate, carpet and fully furnish this bigger office – trust me – the old carpet had to go! And we now have the nicest office in the building according to our business neighbours :).

– Employ 4 amazing ladies, who feel like family and will help us build this brand for years to come.

– Buy computing equipment for us all to work on….no more sharing one old laptop.

– Expand our range offering and sizing… we’re working our way through your fuller bust product wish lists.

– Invest in products that we regularly gift our customers with, as a way of saying thank you.

– Continue to support our UK suppliers and keep the majority of our production local… which always costs more.

– Purchase an electric company car, so when we’re traveling and visiting our suppliers, we’re being kinder to the environment when doing so.

– Pay huge VAT bills – everyone loves the VAT man eh?!  It’s like a huge slap in the boob for doing well.

– And organically grow this business without huge debts, which does help us sleep at night.

Photos of the new Office in Port Glasgow


So although the head lines tell an amazing story, we’re certainly not living like the Kardashians, but it is still good news. We know it’s really not easy for small businesses at the moment, so we have been so fortunate to be able to grow within such a small period of time and that is all down to you.


If it wasn’t for your support, this brand wouldn’t have grown so quickly and we wouldn’t be able to offer even more clothing for the fuller bust and curvy girls – who lets face it, are still completely forgotten about on the high street.


So thank you so much for your continued support.  I know we say it all the time, but this brand really is nothing without you. We feel so lucky and privileged, after 20 years of dreaming about it, to be able to finally offer stylish, fashionable, affordable clothing for the fuller bust and curvy lady and your support over these last 2 years will help us to continue to do so. The future looks bright and we still have a long list of to dos, but first thing on the list, is to expand our head office space further, so we can create a little boutique on site as more and more of you would like to pop in to shop and we really love seeing you all…. and your faces when you finally try on dresses that fit – it fills our hearts with joy!

It seems the big boob struggles (and getting stuck in garments in changing rooms) have really scarred most of us – we are so happy to help heal those scars!  We’re gorgeous bigger boobed girls and we deserve clothes that fit!

We’ll keep you updated on the progress…

So thank you, from the bottom of our boobs,

Jayne and the Fairlie Curved team.


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